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Postby Dukhee » Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:18 pm

Hi Guys.

For begining, sorry for my english, not so good, enought to undertand and to be understand, but not more... :)

1. An introduction of yourself in a brief way.
Well, IRL, my name's David, but I'm sure you totally don't care... :)
I began Fonline on .2238, in the main french team: Cajuns. I played 2 years before stopping. My Role Play line is quite simple: killing all the guys who aren't dead yet.

2. The game you want to be recruited from.
Fonline 2

3. Your character name in game.
Dukhee1, Dukhee2, Dukhee3, Dukhee4.
Yeah, Immagination is my first quality!

4. Your build - this should include your SPECIAL stats and perks and what build you are aiming for.

Ok, My actual level up character:

S 5
P 7
E 8
C 1
I 8
A 10
L 1
I know this special could appear a little strange, but I don't use drugs and, since now, I play alone.

Optional Traits:
one Hander
Fast Shot

Achievement: Awareness
Bonus rate of fire
earlier sequence
Silence Running
Action Boy(2)
Life giver (2)
Achievement: Wasteland is Harsh (What's that shit!?).

Lvl 54
Small Gun 300
Snake 239
Doctor (I Misscliked, I wanted first aid) 40

objective: Shooting strong without critics, and quicly.
with a .223 gun, each shoot cost 3AP for a total of 12 -> 4 shoots with a .223, 5 with a .44 Magnum.
with a P90, I can spray two times and reloading with 12 AP.

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Postby Hauti » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:06 pm

Greetings! See ya on TS soon!

"noloot is implemented because your edgelord roleplayer clan (tks) ruined the game for all noobs"

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