Trafficker Recruitment Thread

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Trafficker Recruitment Thread

Postby Donnie Darko » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:07 am

If you want to sign up to work for The Khans as an artist or a designer, this is the thread to do it!

Requirements for applying.

- Post examples of your work with a brief introduction of yourself.

- If you want to get PAID for your work, you're going to need a Pay Pal. Moneygram or other forms of of currency transaction is not welcome. (Unless further discussed with customer and content provider.)

(Note: I personally suggest creating a watermark for your artwork that's been produced for us until you've been paid for it. However note, if you get paid for your work and your customer doesn't get it received in the first couple hours the money will be REFUNDED from your Paypal account.)
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