PRESIDENTIAL PARDONs #003 and #004 Fuq/Rinzler

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PRESIDENTIAL PARDONs #003 and #004 Fuq/Rinzler

Postby Gargantua » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:41 pm

By Order of the Presidency - both Fuq and Heisenberg/Rinzler has been absolved of all crimes actual or perceived against The Khans, and are released of any previous claim against them for any action that has occurred.

Sometime last year, an unclear dispute between the Pagan Khans and Heisenberg led to Heisenbergs departure. Fuq his brother honorably followed with him.

Considering the incredible amount of time passed, and that both Rinzler and Fuq have been observed as honorable and competitive opponents, and dedicated members of the fonline community who create great TB battles, full of immersion and lurking danger. It is without hesitation the Khans formally announce these Pardons.

The Presidency notes no formal contact exists between the brothers and The Khans, but the matter needed to be closed for the record. o/ we look forward to seeing them on the battlefield, as enemies, or perhaps one day as comrades.

(For more details on presidential Pardon's and the premise behind them see Pardon #001-> viewtopic.php?f=32&t=647)



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