The Khans - Operation Terraform

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The Khans - Operation Terraform

Postby Khan Informer » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:21 am

OPERATION TERRAFORM (Planning stage and release - Originally classified. )

Archived Videos and information from "The Khan - Super weapon" launched 8/9/15 via FOnline: Reloaded Mod. 

created by: Dr. Mengelito

Original Plans

OPERATION TERRAFORM (Planning Priorities)

Highest priority:
PVP-Zone (Between Klamath, The Den and Modoc) - "Oh Slash, it's TKs!"

Secondary priority:
Across the desert - "Long Live Bison!"

5x Boneyard + Hub + NCR + San Fran + Gecko/Vault city - "Khan Turf"

To be able to make it look proper each letter has to be 5 bases high and 4 bases in length. Each diy-trappercamp is 10k caps + brahmin hides.

Estimated cost: Millions.
Work-input: Reward me with 1,5k junk for murder-unit and i'll put in the hours.
Forever Legendary and fucking with the whole server: Priceless.




104 trappercamps used to create this, FOnline map scorched for all factions and community target members.

Daily Khan issued


Reloaded Forum Community Response

Posts: ... pic=8953.0

Posts: ... pic=8945.0


Project success 10/10 FOnline reloaded community in uproar with LLB and TKs written on all in game world maps. General Bison continues being the most Hated member in the FOnline world. Khan fame continues.

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