Khans Return to the Stars speech - Mar 15th 2016

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Khans Return to the Stars speech - Mar 15th 2016

Postby Gargantua » Wed May 04, 2016 3:56 pm

If Khan history were a novel, it would catalog how we followed The Black Company through a dimension portal from the Wastelands of California the to stars beyond. How we used the technology they built to "escape" the wasteland, as a tool to seek them out, drive them to extinction, and destroy them; wiping them forever more from our universe, if at great cost.

From those days forward it has also always been the destiny and desire of The Khans to conquer and rule the universes we access, moving from dimension to dimension, universe to universe and beyond. Raiding the worlds before us with bold returns to the wasteland we call home (Fallout).

It is with great care that I consider our current position in Fonline. The life it has brought to our organization, the brotherhood, the success, and the strength! and it is with great pride I look at our accomplishments since our arrival.

It is also with great concern that I look at Fonline's future. Another season would do us well, but it's arrival is an unknown, and we have an unclear exit/return strategy, and stay or go we are constantly facing a strangling stagnation in Fonline.

In the past, a stem from which we always received vision, was the endless possibility of places to expand that suited our interests overall; and I believe the time for those proposals is now. I look to each man here to say his piece.

I will also say my own. Fitting our narrative, and making a plausible and respectable shift from Fonline, I propose the Khans launch to the stars once again. TDK #40ish?

A new universe, a vibrant and large community, a place to build upon our greatness and lore, to toughen our boot heel! A place we can be where Fonliners will still have to fear "The Return of The Khans" some day, and from which a manageable bastion of Khans can still grow and play Fonline, whilst having an additional and greater resource of Khans at their disposal, unlike all the other Fonline organizations.

I propose we prepare for this brave and bold move, which we could make upon it's release this year. That we gear up our raiders, and reach out to our brothers, and make fair weather gamers rue the day they ever logged in to Star Citizen.

For The Khans! For our Brothers! For Mankind's true Destiny!

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