Recruitment Thread

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Recruitment Thread

Postby Fearvich » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:43 pm

I'm Fearvich, you might remember me is crappler in 2238. I had set up a trap base we raped a couple times before we got disbanded by the devs for being "nazi like." o/ I had a lot of fun with the Mengele brothers, Garg, and a few others before we got disbanded, some of us got banned, and I lost touch. This was many years ago.

2. The game you want to be recruited from.
I'm not sure what you guys play. Probably just hang out unless we have some common games. I might try FO2 but who knows.

3. Your character name in game.
Steam: Wild Wild West

4. Your build - this should include your SPECIAL stats and perks and what build you are aiming for.
No build, but I was a laser pistol aim crappler.

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