The Khans - Code of Khanduct

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The Khans - Code of Khanduct

Postby Gargantua » Wed May 04, 2016 8:05 pm

Vehemence helped me with some of these basic principles, and I elaborated upon them.

This will be formalized into an image file, and submitted to all Khanscripts and up.

I want to see input from every Khan. Adding or removing sections or wording - whatever. Please advise. This will go live in 3 days with whatever we've agreed to.


-For All Khans-

1. Discipline until Death!
-When faced in pitch combat a Khans best chance to survive is to live and die by the command of his officer, and the subsequent chain of command.
Right or wrong. Good or bad direction. Follow that word. Hold that line. Die in place if necessary. It is your greatest honor as a Khan to fulfill this destiny, and hold your tongue.

Discipline is a Khans best chance to survive; for confusion, and disrespect - are far worse enemies than the men you face.

2. Speak only Strength!
-Time and time again, the Khan propaganda machine has proven it's success, and sometimes more so than victory on the battlefield.
Heed this lesson. Choose your words for other Khans carefully. The battle for the mind is the most paramount battle every Khan will fight.

You must speak only strength to and of your Khan brothers. Their success is our success. Their failure is our failure. We are one entity.

Let not the heart speak ill of the mind, or the lungs speak ill of the blood; for it is one and the same. We are the Khan Raider; We are the final wave of the apocolypse, the great new beginning of man-kind. We are one.

3. Call to Challenge! and answer your call!

-THUNDERDOME is where to bring your disputes. THUNDERDOME is where to resolve your differences. THUNDERDOME is your Right! THUNDERDOME is your responsibility!
Call those out who frustrate you. Let the body of the Khan wrestle itself in THUNDERDOME and improve it's strength! Answer that call with honor when you are brought forward!

4. Let Dragons Die!

-Humanity of old could never let go of it's problems or it's injustices, instead they dragged on, a never ending complaint, a never ending conflict. These were the dragons of defeat that brought humanity to it's Knees!
These were the dragons who wrought destruction on Mankind! Defeated in Thunderdome, defeated by your enemies, uncompelled by new ideas or otherwise. Let those Dragons die! Do not feed them. Accept these realities. Accept that your difference
has now passed. Accept that you are reborn! Accept this Apocalypse! for it has brought about your existence! Accept it is done, and your right THUNDERDOME was upheld.

Take strength and pride in the great new beginnings for yourself and your Khan brothers. Let the Dragons of old die. There is no room for them in our new world!

5. Khan Law is the Only Law!

-Let no other law, concern, or politic govern you. Give no quarter and show no difference towards non Khanformers. Uphold only the justice you know, the justice that is right!

6. Travel not Alone!

Show our power in the wasteland. Stand with your brother shoulder to shoulder! Let your enemy fear your arrival and count your number as he cowers in his own shadow.
Share your victories with your brothers and sisters! Move as a great force, together, like the nukes of the ancient times who grasped the world all at once and turned day into darkness.

7. Speak openly to the Leaders!

When the time is quiet; when you are gathered at the fire; when it is safe to do so. Speak your mind openly to the leaders. Stand resolute, share your thoughts strategically and for all to consider. Speak with strength, speak with honor, but speak all the same.
It is the right of every Khan to speak freely to his brothers and commanders as appropriate. It is his responsibility to raise concern for the future of the organization and it's well being. A Khan must feel free to speak; but must also do so respectfully. Free speech is open speech, the spread of rumor
helps no Khan.

8. Family Foremost!

◾To be a Khan is to be family. Those discrediting, abandoning, or combating their family will be divorced and marked as hostile.

9. Maintain your Mind!

All our enemies wrongly believe that their great battles are in the pixels before them. What makes us strong, and different, is that our great battle is in the battle of the mind. For it is willpower, fun, and brotherhood that will prevail over any defeat.
So Keep your mind strong! Don't let your enemies in! Don't be defeated in mind! Dare yourself not to rage or be destroyed! You can only be beaten if you let them beat your head.

10. You have the right to remain silent.

In the face of overwhelming circumstance, frustration, defeat, or other. If your mind or tongue has slipped. Remember this right. Remember that tomorrow is a new day. Remember that silence precedes the wave of the apocalypse. Exercise it when you must for the sake of your brothers!

11. The Spoils of the raid must be shared!

Always want your brothers to be at their best. Always want your brothers to have the tools and equipment they need to guard and protect you. Share the spoils of war with them, so that you all grow in strength!

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