The Khans - Vault 21 Background Stories

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The Khans - Vault 21 Background Stories

Postby Khan Informer » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:17 am

Background Stories

Here you will find a list of all archived background stories of Khan members.

(Archives updated when new stories are published)

Dr. Mengelito

The tale of the Mengelator.

Fleeing from a 1940's Germany in flames ol' Doc set up practice in latin america, refered to Dr. Mengelito by the locals. Risen as a ghoul after the bombs fell the good doctor slowly made his way across the Mexican Gulf together with a few followers. The years passed and in 2238 he started a career as a slaver in the Modoc region together with his old friend John Newton, until that fateful day that he met the Khan Raiders during one of his business-trips to the Hub. They put a shotgun in his hand and gave him a choice, to kill or be killed. The ol' Doc with nothing to loose let the shotgun rip the life out of his enemy and said:

"Say hello to the ravens..."

When the Khan Raiders moved on the ol' Doc kept the flame alive under the leadership of the supermutantesque Chieftain Sven until that fateful day that the poor Doc was ripped to pieces by Deathclaws. Puzzled together when the Khan Raiders returned, an operation overseen by General M. Bison himself, the ol' Doc rose as a charismatic cyborg overlord - a Perfect Champion of Bisonopolis guarding the gates now as The Mengelator, with only the spark of life left of his humanity, he quickly rose to 3rd in Command.


After the bombs fell John Newton took refuge in his own bombshelter which was also housed his private laboratory. Unfortunatley it didnt offer adequate protection against the radiation and he slowly started to change into a ghoul. Cursing his new condition he researched day and night for a cure but to no avail. He almost gave up when he, as a professor of genetics had an unorthodox idea. He started buying slaves in exchange for medication and his service as a doctor, he always claimed the women with big hips for some reason. One day he came to town with his son which suprised everyone since ghouls were supposed to be infertile.

Years passed and since noone knew what Newton looked like before his transformation his secret was safe. Newton Jr was an exact clone of his father born from an inseminated slavewoman and when his father had taught him everything he knew he committed suicide. Newton Jr became obsessed with the idea to live forever and continued his fathers work, generation after generation of clones followed but the mental state of each generation seemed to degenerate, each generation became more violent and cruel.

It was only the original Newton that bought or traded slaves, the later generations were faster, stronger and used bigger guns for each generation to kidnap tribal people for cruel experiments. The crimes of the fourth generation of Newton didnt go unnoticed and he realized he needed backing to continue to raid settlements without worrying about the resistance and thus with a generous donation of slaves and goods he entered the ranks of the Khan raiders.


NukaNinjette started life out as naught but a mere peaceful farmer hoping to survive the ruthless terrain of the ravaged wasteland, being attacked from all sides relentlessly this was not an easy life. It was on one fateful day as Nuka was peacefully selling off ropes that the great Gargantua kicked in the door of Darkwaters in Junktown with his gun pointed at her head with a message from the mighty Khans, "We own these lands and all whom tread here". Upon Nuka standing firm and not backing down Gargantua decided to give her a second shot at life, leaving behind only a radio and frequency Nuka was left with but no choice but to abandon the farm life for that of a Khan Raider recruit. Nuka quickly learnt to love this new lifestyle and while not as vile or horrid as the other Khans, grew to her own infamy causing people to beg for mercy when she would come across them struggling to fight the creatures of the wasteland. It was because of this new found glory she was able to quickly become the Drill Sgt. handling new recruits and the lower scum known as hangarounds, due to further success in this role as the Khans quickly grew in both numbers and general terror she was able to join the ranks of the infamous Khan Secret Police where her slaves will now fear her might further and hopefully bring much more fear and devastation to the already horrible life of not only bluesuited cowards, but to ALL enemies of the great Khan Empire.


The first chapter

Bison was but a child when the first bombs fell.. Starving and alone he was discovered by a group of military survivors that took him in... After a few years he was causing some serious concerns and was often referred to as a uncontrolled megalomaniac with a lust for blood. Bison felt that curing and rescuing survivors was a waste of resources and was eventually exiled by Commander Bryan after Bison was found wearing a necklace made of ears. On that day Bison swore that he would take his revenge. Several weeks past before Bison launched his sneak attack on one of the patrols lead by commander Bryan. Bison savagely killed Bryan and his officers using his "physco power" ability. After that with no one to stop him Bison took control and renamed the military regiment to Shadaloo and promoted himself to the self proclaimed rank of General. Bison often referred to him self in third person and spoke of world domination. Launching attacks on local communities controlled by The New California Republic wiping out entire families and doing numerous deals for arms, drugs and post war technology it wasn't long before The Brotherhood of steel was forced to take action. After a year of fearce fighting Shadaloo was surrounded and besieged by BOS and NCR... Bison drilled up his troops for a final confrontation with Guile, a BOS Officer. Outnumbered and outgunned Bison broke out his secret weapon where he was granted lightning powers and the ability to fly, both provided through his tech suit and life support system. However, M. Bison is defeated by Guile and apparently perished during the destruction of his own base. In an after explosion, however, Bisons hand smashes through the rubble of his base.

The second chapter

After a year of laying low Bison had heard rumours of a new enemy making considerable advances in The New California Republic and set out for a meeting with The Khans.. A ruthless band of Raiders who shared the same physcotic lust for power and world domination as him and a deal was struck. As a reward for being in the service of The Khans and Viren (Khan Leader) General Bison would be given his own City called "Bisonoplis" that would act as the unofficial raider capital of the wasteland and would be under the direct control of Bison in The Khan dominion. 14 years passed with many successful raids General Bisons fame and ego had grown ten fold and it wasn't long before a challenge was made for supreme control of The Khans.. Who at this time was under the leadership of Gargantua a ruthless war Lord. The challenge was ultimately accepted and was set at The Thunderdome on Khan island. The battle lasted several hours and unfornately it ended with General Bison being defeated and given an ultimatum.. Either submit his entire loyalty under the supreme leadership of Gargantua or that he would be marooned on an island with no one to rape, murder or pillage. Knowing that this would be worse than death Bison accepted this offer and pledged himself entirely.

The third chapter

During the next year Bison Continued to make a name for himself as a ruthless ego-maniac that spared no one to The Khan hordes and eventually was rewarded the rank of 2nd. In this new position he took on new Loyalists to safeguard Bisonoplis and began recruiting new soldiers. A famous quote noted by one of his officers during a battle was "Now quickly crumble beneath the heels of my legions of my perfect Khan soldiers". Many raids on rival factions have been launched and with the entire wastelands in anarchy and fearing The Khans it seemed that finally Bison had found peace.

Atleast For now......


The Super Mutants told Sven that he had bursted out of his mothers belly while flexing and was covered in blood when they found him. Sven has never had a reason to not believe it since he has always been able to match the strength of the Super Mutants. The only possession he got from his mother was an old necklace of a Thor's hammer.

Brawling every day and showing displays of strength was the only thing Sven did until he was in his teens. He knew something was off though. These greenish piles of muscle had slugs for brain wich got Sven to grow bored out of his mind. Even if the armwrestles were challenging enough what did it matter when noones thinking past the logic of a child?

Sven left the mutants for the wastes and wandered around for what seemed like ages. With this much frame to carry you need to eat like three whole men wich is a huge disandvantage when food is scarce.

Sven was about to call it when raiders found him. One of them stepped forward, Gargantua was his name, and said: "Now tell me a good joke or you'll bite the dust". Normally, Sven wouldn't take shit like this, but he was starving, felt weak and fortunately he had a good joke! "Okay... How many polaks does it take to clean a toilet?" Gargantua smiled at first but then bursted into laughter when he heard the answer. "Follow us" he said and Sven did, hoping to find some shelter.

The raiders called themselves The Khans and Sven was a match. Raiding comes naturally to Sven, he's been living with mutant raiders his whole life, but with the Khans, he finally felt like he fitted in. Here he could have a decent conversation without everything he says is going past their heads.

The raids were fruitful and epic. Not only did Sven have the muscle to be a great addition to the Khans. He was also sly as a fox, tricking people to take him to their most valuable possessions, and taking them in the name of The Khans.

Suffering from traitors many of The Khans left the wastes, but not Sven. Sven continued waving the Khan flag under a new Pagan Chapter, claiming leadership as Chieftain with the vicious and devoted Doctor Mengele, the crafty and experimental Professor Newton and the hardworking and tricky Kaboom.

Years passed and Sven missed the ways of the Super Mutants and lifted stones to grow even stronger and biceptious than before until he finally saw faces he remembered. Yes it was great leader Gargantua and the mighty General. M. Bison. The Khans were back. Sven joined the ranks immediately and dragged Doctor Mengele and Professor Newton with him. Kaboom however was never seen since 2238.

With the vicious pagans once again at The Khans command, the wastes were raped like never before and Chieftain Sven quickly rose to officer rank to show the recruits how its really done. How to get to Valhalla.

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